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Interesting Cases

“Bi” is a pack of unhealthy energy

A 65 year-old female patient suffered from left leg pain.  For two weeks she had limited range of motion.  The pain was so severe that she could not lift her leg more than 5 inches.  She tried acupuncture a couple of times be felt no relief.  The patient then went to an MD and had an X-Ray and MRI, the tests showed that was nothing significantly wrong, however, the right knee showed arthritic damage, but she was fine.  The patient was so depressed and started acupuncture treatment again.  During a physical examination, I noticed that the back of her left knee showed muscle tension, so I began treating the back of the knee even though she was feeling the pain in the front.  When I inserted one needle the muscles began jumping like they were dancing around.  I told the patient that we finally found out where the “Bi” was located.  After 30 minutes of treatment, the patient was able to lift up her left leg and step on a chair.  She was very happy and continued to improve with more treatments.  The patient told me that she now understood what “Bi” was…”a pack of unhealthy energy that moves around and the needles chase the “Bi” along the meridian until it leaves the body.”  Until we found out the location of “Bi” acupuncture treatments were of no help.