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Interesting Cases

Darkest before dawn.

A patient can feel very negative physically and emotionally before breaking out of it.  Case in point, I treated a patient for low back pain.  Initially, I explained to the patient that it would take 10 sessions to see results.  He tried 10 sessions and no results.  Understandably, he was very upset and discouraged and wanted to know why the treatments had not worked.  I told the patient that he was on the verge of getting better to give it a couple of more sessions.  The patient took my advice and with two additional sessions he felt a great improvement that had long-term benefits.  Years later he told me he was glad that he continued for 2 more sessions and had not given up.

I had treated another patient with severe migraine headaches.  After 3 sessions the patient felt no change, on the 4th session she felt a slight improvement to which she attributed it to something else other than acupuncture.  She decided to discontinue receiving treatments.  I called her and recommended that she come in for 2 more sessions but she didn’t take my advice.  A year later I saw her and she is still suffering from the headaches and is unable to work because of it.