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Interesting Cases

Male infertility gets better by treating his cold!

One of my patients came to see me for infertility.  My treatment approach was traditional - to tonify the Kidney energy.  But, 2-3 months later seminal analyses tests showed no improvement.  Then, I delved into reading the patient’s pulse carefully and realized that the kidney position was not that weak but indicated something else.  Even though he had no typical symptoms associated with a cold other than slight sinus congestion his body was indeed fighting a cold, so I altered my treatment plan to focus solely on treating his cold.  A few weeks later his sinuses were much better and in the same time his seminal tests showed a vast improvement.  Later, he and his wife succeeded in conceiving naturally and have since had twins. 

This is the unique aspect of traditional Chinese medicine that sets it apart from all others.  Sometimes you need to veer away from classical theory and just work on what the patient’s body is telling you.  The results can be remarkable.