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TCM Healing Center Clinic Services Offered:

Our profoundly knowledgeable practitioners integrate the wisdom of thousands of years of medicine into their daily practice and always strives to provide a high quality of treatment for their patients. At the TCM Healing Center, we offer comprehensive traditional Chinese medicine healing techniques which include acupuncture, herbal medicine, electric acupuncture, moxibustion, ear coning, nutritional counseling (which uniquely addresses the energetic properties of foods and their contribution to your health or state of imbalance), meditation, seasonal cleanses, and qi gong exercises.

We find the best results are based on mutual respect and trust between our patients and practitioners.


Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture is a hands-on technique that identifies each person’s energy flow in their channels. By using prescriptive points to reconnect all the different points of the body’s meridians, acupuncture wakes up the body’s own healing abilities and strengthens the body’s innate power of reaching homeostasis. We use various techniques and approaches to maximize the effects of acupuncture. For example, while most people respond well to body acupuncture, some will respond exponentially better to auricular or hand acupuncture. In addition to the health benefits, acupuncture can also be used for beautification treatment. By reducing and even reversing the signs of aging, it is quickly becoming a popular modality for facial rejuvenation.

Variety of techniques:

  • Traditional acupuncture
  • Master Tong style acupuncture
  • Hand acupuncture
  • Twelve region (Japanese) acupuncture

Acupuncture Needles

Acupuncture needles are completely different from needles used in conventional practice (i.e. injection needles). Many people may fear acupuncture because they are afraid of the needles or imagine acupuncture to be painful. Actually, the thinness of acupuncture needles can be compared to a strand of hair, and they are extremely smooth. This makes for relatively pain-free insertion. You may sense a slight sensation at the moment of insertion (more so if you are a child, tired, or weak). The majority of people will experience a sense of great relaxation and well-being during the process. At TCM Healing Center Clinic, we only use disposable needles for each treatment, so there is no risk of transmitting communicable diseases.


Moxibustion enhances the body’s innate power to direct the flow of Qi, and is especially effective when treating patients with chronic illnesses.  The specific types of Moxa used are:

  • Direct Moxa (Rice moxa)
  • Corn Moxa
  • Moxa Sticks



Cupping increases the body’s energy flow, frees congestion, and releases toxicity. It is good for muscle tension, aches and pain, reducing fever, and  detoxifying the body from foreign substances (i.e. medications, drugs, alcohol, etc.). It is also a great way to assist acupuncture in creating homeostasis.

Customized Herbal Medicine

The herbs used at TCM Healing Center are FDA approved and are of the finest quality available. They are carefully selected from high quality companies in China and the U.S. and do not contain any heavy metals, preservatives, or animal products. Our practitioners are specially trained in China and are proficient in professional diagnosis. An herbal prescription is carefully formulated according to each patient’s constitution and specific disharmony. Each formula usually contains a number of separate herbs that work together to create the desired effect. If you are fearful of needles, an herbal treatment
is an excellent means to reaching and maintaining health

The specific types of herbs used are:

  • Raw Herbs – Traditional Formulas.  Mostly made from various parts of plants and trees such as leaves, seeds, branches, flowers, and roots, and are very well prepared as medicine.  Cooking these raw herbs together creates an herbal tea. 
  • Powdered Herbs – New revolution that has taken hold in the past 60 years. They are highly concentrated and convenient to use.  The properties and actions are identical to their bulk counterparts and are superior to using the single raw herb form.  Using a technically advanced filtration system that pre-cooks the raw herbs and eliminates metals and other harmful substances creates high quality powders.  There are no additives, binders, or sweeteners.
  • Patent Herbs - Traditional formulas in pill or capsule form.

Annual Liver Cleanse Program

We host an annual liver cleanse program at our clinic during the spring time, 2 weeks after the Chinese New Year. With the passing of the Chinese New Year, the cold retreats as the incoming Spring brings warmer weather. The blossoming and growth of flowers and trees marks a new beginning for the season, and for life. In Asian culture, Spring also corresponds with the Wood element, or the Liver system in the body. The freshness of this time makes it optimal for liver cleansing and detoxification. The function of the Liver organ system in Chinese medicine corresponds with some common Western medical functions, but describes an even greater capacity for regulating stress and emotions:

  • The Liver system controls the smooth flow of “qi” (vital energy) throughout the body, which nourishes the five “zang” and six “fu” organs. The integrity and interaction of these organ systems is dependent upon the smooth flow of liver qi. The stress of everyday life is constantly working against this smooth flow in our bodies.
  • The Liver system stores the blood to nourish the body’s ligaments, nails, tendons, and eyes. You might notice its impact when you experience low energy, body aches, and dark under-eye circles. Cleansing the liver will help alleviate and prevent these symptoms.

The liver cleanse program utilizes a combination of Acupuncture, Herbal formula, Qigong, and dietary counseling to accomplish optimal health.

Ear Coning

Ear coning is an ancient method used as a way to cleanse the body’s system before prayer.  Now, it has developed as an additional method of treatment and helps relieve allergy and sinus symptoms.  It is also great to use for swimmers who tend to have their ears plugged.

 Nutritional Dietary Counseling

Diet plays a major role in our lives. Eating healthily and drinking plenty of water are the building blocks of healthy living and longevity. We offer individualized dietary counseling for each new patient to assist them in rebalancing their body and maintaining good health.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese system of postures, exercises, breathing techniques, and meditations. Its techniques are designed to improve and enhance the body's abundance and flow of qi, which is the fundamental life energy responsible for physical and mental health and vitality. Qi Gong may be used as a daily routine to increase overall health and well-being by increasing energy and reducing stress as well as for disease prevention and longevity. In conjunction with acupuncture, qigong is used to treat many chronic conditions, including asthma, allergies, AIDS, cancer, headaches, hypertension, depression, mental illness, strokes, heart disease, and obesity.

The Three Branches
Traditional Chinese Medicine



Acupuncture          Herbal Medicine                     Qi Gong

Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan has been regarded as a martial art, and its traditional practitioners still teach it as one. Even so, it has developed a worldwide following among many thousands of people with little or no interest in martial training for its benefits to health and health maintenance. It is a form of structured moving meditation that enhances the free flow of qi and compliments acupuncture quite well.